This week I met the most resistance to writing this blog post I have experienced since I made the commitment to publish biweekly blog posts.

So far every post has been relatively easy and just flowed out of my fingers into the keyboard in a very timely fashion.  (Which I am very grateful for since it was a scary commitment!)

But not this week, which actually gave me the idea for this blog post.


I don’t know about you, but I seem to experience quite a bit of internal resistance and have began to take notice of how silly it is at times.

As an example, for a while I totally resisted soaking my feet in epsom salts and actually hated the idea.  At some point I had to ask myself, “Really Emily?!, Really?!”

When I let go of this silly resistance I discovered that soaking my feet was actually quite pleasant. It helps nourish my feet to perform well when I dance, is a great way to take care of my hard-working feet and really gives them the support they need and is least of all, worthy of hate.


Also this week, I unpacked my bones – a job I had been putting off since I moved into this apartment many months ago. Now I am able to better study the Franklin Method and prepare for teaching classes in the new year. Yay!

Or when I resist going to ballet class.

I decorate one of my room walls in a rather random, scrapbook-like way.  I have the two targets of the first time I shot a 45 acp to remind me that I am a powerful being.

A graduation card with a little girl doing ballet that states, “Life lesson #15 Do what you love”.

A beautiful flyer about the Baroque Eagle – America’s Tallship that I visited with 20131212-085655.jpgmy parents.  The flyer pictures the tallship sailing out on beautiful, blue immense water, connecting me to open water and the ability to sail through life with the wind.

I add new elements to the collage on my wall as needed.

One of my most recent additions was a beautiful card I bought at my local coop and wrote down a list I created a few months ago entitled “I am committed to…” which so happens to be 15 things.

I created this list in response to the internal resistance I spoke of earlier and as another way to express my goals/dreams/desires through actionable, beautiful steps.

I can see this list every day on my wall, don’t always read every commitment, but I know what they are.


The last commitment I wrote down (that I do find myself reading often) is “BEING ME!” which instantly connects me to the power and wonder of what I can do and be all in a beautiful instant.

What about you? Do you resist positive things in your life? Do you have a list of beautiful commitments that help you reach your beautifully large dreams? I’d love to hear!


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