So it is the day after Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is feeling super thankful – because feeling thankful is one of the best feelings in this world.

It is so abundant and lovely!

Did you know, you can feel an extreme amount of thankfulness for just about any and every thing in your life?

I am totally thankful for every single thing in my life. The good, the bad AND the ugly.


Here’s an example:

Every time I come home I am faced with this set of stairs.


And you know what?!

I am extremely thankful for these stairs, every single one of them!

Do you know why?

They present me with the opportunity to really truly connect to myself and my body.

One of my favorite things to do on these stairs is some good old-fashion Franklin Method based imagery.

I image and connect to my psoas contracting and extending…

the balls of my femur heads rolling in my hip sockets….

the spirals of my ribs…


There is really ENDLESS imagery I can connect to, that is happening in my body! Climbing these stairs at least once each day has become a wonderful type of mediation for me.

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for 89 stairs.




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