Studio entrance to my favorite ballet class

My roommate asked me tonight (as many people do) if I take class everyday. The answer is yes, but it’s a hard yes. Almost every day I don’t want to go, I want to just stay home and skip it. I’m not even sure what I’ll do at home, but anything would be better than class!!

Taking class is hard, even if it’s a class you love. It’s hard even if you’re a professional dancer who struggled with rejection, after rejection and a lot of skepticism on their path to seek dance as a profession. It’s hard even if you are a dancer described in George Balanchine’s quote:

“I don’t want dancers who want to dance.

I want dancers who have to dance.”


The barre

Going to class means facing yourself (with a lot of mirrors) as exactly who you are that day, that hour, that minute, that second.

Some days I leave that classroom feeling completely beaten down, like I’m fat, out of shape and cannot dance to save my life! I feel as though, I am an embarrassment to the art form of ballet, and really should apologize. Maybe to the teacher, that’s a start….

But other days, I leave feeling triumphant and that I am flying above everything and everyone. Like the world is my oyster just waiting to be opened by me. Some days, multiple people compliment my dancing in class and I really feel on top of the world.

I suppose “going to class” is also a metaphor for life…

Every day we have the opportunity to show up for ourselves and really see ourselves. Some days the view won’t be pretty. But, other days the view will be completely marvelous, outstanding, fabulous, joyous and amazing.

I suppose the question should now be… How do I feel like number two dancer every day? The one who is joyous, awesome and amazed.

I have no idea. Do you?



My dance bag, Franklin Method band and balls and pointe shoes

Okay, that isn’t exactly true. I do have some ideas. In fact, here’s a list:

1. Franklin Method (how could knowing and feeling how your body was designed to move, not make you feel awesome?!)

2. BodyTalk (your body speaking up, telling you what it needs)

3. Letting go of negatively

4. Allowing yourself the freedom to express, create and play – even if you fall flat on your face, the ground isn’t that far away

5. Trusting yourself and the wisdom inside you

6. Loving yourself and humanity all at the same time

7. Feeling the joy and happiness of every moment (it’s there, even if it is buried deep)


Well, that’s what I’ve got for now.  If you have other tips, SPEAK UP and comment below! I’d really appreciate hearing from you!

And Thank YOU for the awesomeness that is YOU!!!



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