As I sit on my bed and look up at my wall, I see my two targets from the first time I shot a 45 acp

Not a bad shot, right?!

Not a bad shot, right?!

You know, the experience made me feel like such a powerful being. It lit an a fire inside me and showed me in a very tangible way the fire, heat and power I carry inside me at all times.

And shooting a hand gun was a blast! 😀


Look at that smile!

Sometimes life gets you down and you need a reminder of your power.  Every one of us has it. Some people are just better at accessing it, ever said, “wow, that person is on fire!” and wondered what their secret was?

Fire, passion, and inner power – it is what drives us to greatness.

We all have an inner fierceness and sometimes we just need to find an avenue to let it out!

I have always been characterized as a goodie-to-shoes, given my sweet disposition and young appearance (at least I think that is why 🙂 )

Yet again, I repeat: this fierceness and power is inside every one of us.

I have found that this power also applies to my dance career and my role as Bloody Mary in a solo based on Mary Tudor who in her reign over England, was an extremely bloody queen. She killed thousands during her rule in the name of returning England to Catholicism after her father, Henry VIII, converted the country to Protestantism and the Church of England.

……Needless to say go from sweet and innocentsweet and innocent

to blood thirsty and vicious.

Bloody Mary (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

Bloody Mary (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

I’m performing Bloody Mary multiple times this fall.

I’m definitely going to be thinking about being a powerful human being, how about you?


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