My opportunity to disconnect came as a more forced action than I had originally planned…

I arrived at the airport and discovered that I had forgotten my iPad!

My first thoughts were “Do I have enough time to go back and get my iPad before my flight takes off? … No, okay then… Cool, this is the perfect opportunity to disconnect and write a blog post about the experience”

Later on, as my thoughts kept flowing I started to become mad, sad, and upset with myself that I had been so absent-minded to forget such an important thing…

Then, I even started to think of friends who could send me my iPad so I could have it for my trip….

Luckily, I soon realized how ridiculous these thoughts were and how very tied I am to technology!


So here I am, back in the place of my first thoughts and writing my blog post in my notebook instead of typing it.

So happy that I brought my spiffy, new notebook!

So happy that I brought my spiffy, new notebook!

In this digital age of the Internet, blog posts, iPads, iPhones and laptop computers, it only makes sense that the absence of one of these devices could cause havoc!

I follow a routine for writing these biweekly blog posts. First, I write a draft on my iPhone or iPad in Evernote.  Then, I copy and paste the text into my WordPress app on my iPad where I add photos and do a bit of editing. Lastly, I use the WordPress website on my computer to do the final formatting and editing and I publish the post!

Actually, I have never hand written my first draft!


Sure, this is much more messy than a digital version, but does that make it any less valid?

After all, the purpose of my first draft is only to get the words out of my head and into a place I can access later.

Yay for new experiences!

And that is really how I feel about it; excitement, joy and love for the abundance and awesomeness of life to give us these experiences and opportunities. It’s completely fabulous that I get to try something new and different and even more awesome that the change was forced on me. Of course we still have choices and life is what you make it.

I could have chose to not write my blog post this week because I didn’t have my iPad and therefore my routine.

But, I didn’t.

I choose to change, adapt, and have a new experience.

I choose to see the brilliance of the opportunity to disconnect from electronics and technology and see what I can do with just a pen and notebook.

And everyday, I choose to see the joy, see the love, see the beauty, see the grace, and see the imperfections in life. It’s all there, all the time. You just have to see it.

Living in this mindset is infinitely abundant. The more time I find myself spending here, the more I see and feel and the more I am happy.

Seeing the joy in everything makes life a whole lot more fun too, learning new things is incredibly fun and extraordinarily easy!

This joy has made me laugh out loud and smile in many classes – in school, dance and the Franklin Method where learning the brilliance of the human body feels like a pure gift.

I am so excited (and completely terrified) to start teaching Franklin Method classes in the new year. The where and when is still uncertain but I am certain that I am going to make it happen, somehow!

So my time to disconnect will be spent studying bones and teaching my family about their bones and efficient movement from the Franklin Method point of view.


Oh, the adventures of me and my foot

I already have my foot on the plane!

So, how did you connect during your holidays?


4 thoughts on “Connect

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  2. Bravo!! Welcome to a world that truly allows personal reflection, and deliberately adapts and dares to try a new thing! You did it and it makes you unique and special!!

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