My  disarticulated full skeleton finally came in the mail! ’twas some exciting moments for me when that package came!




Since I became a Franklin Method educator, the human body and especially bone models have taken on a completely different meaning to me.

I’ve always been the extremely girly girl who was completely disgusted by gross anatomy – the study of the macroscopic anatomy of the human body (though that is a cool play-on words!) 😀

In school I was always good at science, to the point that my science teachers told me I should become a doctor. I was the kid everyone hates because of their ability to ruin the curve for everyone else. I could deal with the microscopic biology, but once things got actual size I’d lose it and everything else in my stomach!

In the 9th grade when we dissected a fetal pig I couldn’t even look (I literally stared at the wall during those class periods!). And I haven’t eaten pork since that day.

In college kinesiology I shut my eyes during the explorative human body videos.

I couldn’t even stand feeling the bones in my OWN feet! It grossed me out too, too much! I got to the third week of the Franklin Method teacher training unable to touch and feel out the bones in my own feet because it disgusted me so much!

Then one day that week of the teacher training I no longer was revolted and instead was completely ENTHRALLED! Suddenly I couldn’t get enough of “playing” and discovering bone models and the human body.

20120413-122906.jpgI’ve now gone back to college to finish my degree, but mainly to learn more deeply about the human body. I’m taking Anatomy and Physiology right now and enjoying every moment not being grossed out or disguised. It is immensely INTERESTING and new to learn from this place.

Every time I pick up a bone and start “playing” with it I am AMAZED by the human body. Truly a wondrous, wondrous creation. Every bone is unique and magical and tells its own story…. twists, spirals, groves… THEN you start look at where and how bones articulate with each other… Wow, that is really MARVELOUS and needless to say time stops when I start exploring THAT!

Besides the hours among hours of amusement and fun this skeleton will create for me, I’m really looking forward to the benefits it with facilitate for my clients as I show them how their body was designed to MOVE, completely EMPOWERING them. 🙂

What are your thoughts on bones, models, skeletons in your closets, the human body? 🙂

What STORY is your body telling?

Much love and joy, xoxo, ’til next time! 😀


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