Here I stand, broken, wide, open.


I feel as though these past three weeks have been breaking me wide open and now here I stand, broken, wide, open.

My heart is truly and fully exposed.

I am vulnerable.

In fact, I am the most vulnerable I have been in YEARS, perhaps ever…

Perhaps I’ve never been this wide open. Perhaps I’ve never been this exposed. Perhaps I’ve never been this vulnerable.

My rib cage feels as though it has been opened with a rib spreader – you know the ones surgeons use when they operate on your heart?  My ribs are open, out of the way, no longer protecting my precious heart. My heart is open. My heart is exposed. My heart is vulnerable.

Perhaps the most in years, perhaps ever…..

I know this life can end at any moment. I know my heart can break. I know I can fail.

But, I also know that I have this moment now. I have this moment now to be the truest version of myself, which is the best way I can honor, I can love myself in this moment.

And so, I also encourage you to become fully present in this moment, now.   To be the truest version of yourself, honoring and loving yourself in this moment.

All my love and support to you always. xoxo


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