This past week has been a rather “off” week for me filled with some incredible “off” days.  So deep in its “off”-ness that I needed to just stay in the experience instead of trying to push it aside and be positive.  I have learned that changing to positivity requires not being too deep into the awful negative stuff.

On Monday I was so tired for the whole day. Exhausted, in fact.

I was tired of being sick…

Tired of feeling like there is never enough time…

Tired of never being capable of resting…

Tired of being tired…

Tired of never feeling good enough…

Tired of pain and uncertainty…

Tired of this continuous wave of change that keeps happening…

Tired of feeling that I never completely catch my breath…

Tired of never feeling worthy of praise…

Tired of questioning myself and my path in life…

Tired of never feeling like I am enough… 

Then in my immense tiredness, I got out of my own way, did some work, made some cold calls (and even got hardcore rejected!), went to my favorite yoga class, moved my body, got a beautiful compliment about my handstand (a move which terrifies me!), genuinely connected with the teacher after class and had a voicemail waiting for me from someone I have been trying and trying to contact for over a month. 

It was though all this that I realized, I am enough

I am reminded that before the sun can rise you must have darkness. The sun could never rise if it never left the sky! The light can not exist without the dark. Also without the dark, the light would not be as beautiful and profound. 

Last Saturday I went to the Easter Vigil service at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. The theme of the service was darkness into light. From the darkness brought about by Christ’s death on the cross into the light of Christ rising from the dead and being reborn.

This echoes what the Earth is currently doing. Spring flowersThe sun is staying out longer. The flowers are rising out of the ground. The trees are getting their leaves back. The buds are starting to bloom. The weather is warming up.

Colors are emerging.

I have often thought that I wouldn’t appreciate the highs (the light) as much if I didn’t experience the lows (the darkness).

I learn more from failure.  From a fall.  From having to begin again.  From mistakes.  It is only by giving your heart away, that you can fall in love.


For the past month I have been working to “chunk” my time. I schedule my days in iCal, chunking out time for all the different tasks I have to accomplish each day, all my rehearsals, dance classes, yoga classes, work and writing. To me this means becoming vastly more organized and committed to my commitments. 

I am successful most of the time and get a good amount of work done almost every day. But a lot of the time I have found myself failing and getting profoundly upset about that. It is a struggle and continues to be a growing experience for me. It reminds me that change and growth isn’t always easy and that the road to success includes failure.

I am finding that one of the best lessons in life is failure. Failure teaches us so many important lessons.

So, how about we embrace failure on our path to success? 

Yes, that is right, embracing FAILURE on the path to success. Embracing that to have success you must fail. Failure must become a part of your life.

How about we make friends with failure?

I have often heard that the key to success is to fail more.

Michael Jordan: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Bill Cosby: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” 

Robert H. Schuller: “I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.”

It was only by failing three times to write this blog post that I finally succeed (and ended up combining my three “failures” into this one post).

Just like there is currently a campaign to end the negative connotations of using the term, “bossy” in reference to girls, I think we should start a campaign for “failure” and for “forgetting“.

So, can you make friends with your failure today? Or how about tomorrow? The next day? In a week?

Good luck, wishing you all the best and sending love. ❤

This post was in response to The Daily Post: Great Expectations 


10 thoughts on “Making friends with failure

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    • Thanks so much for the ping back. I really appreciate the mention on your blog. Really enjoyed reading your post, “Beautiful Expectations”, really interesting description of the play ‘This May Hurt A Bit’ and congrats on your Beautiful Blogger Award! Much love xo

  2. Very good post, though I do believe you succeed way, way, way more than you fail. Here is another quote: “failure is an inevitable detour on the road to success”

    Praying for your great success this weekend & next Wednesday.

    Much love, Mom

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