A fair amount of the success I believe I have had in my life is due in part from the fact that I continually ask myself,

“Is this what I want my life to be?”.

I ask the question but don’t always consciously answer. Sometimes I just allow the answer to come to me. I allow the universe to answer the question for me. Usually in recent years, by sending me unexpected, yet beautiful gifts.

I have a pretty awesome, amazing life and have accomplished some great things.   Yet, I still ask my question and listen to the answer that comes. The listening part is always the hardest,

….it requires great patience….

….and great discernment……

I’ve asked for things in the past and had the universe completely deliver, only to discover that it wasn’t what I truly wanted or needed… That’s a tough spot to be in because it usually means letting go of something and allowing a bigger, greater dream to come.

Then you have to have the patience to wait…..

…..To wait for that HUGE golden dream……

The waiting is probably the hardest part. As humans, we are impatient people!

WHY?!?! One reason that I have experienced is that once you truly picture and can see with crystal clear reality (which is what it takes to make your dreams come true) it is tremendulously hard to wait to have that dream. Simply, because that dream is so incredibly beautiful!!

It is also so easy to get lost in the horizon and forget to look down every once and awhile to see how AWESOME the journey truly is….

On that note, happy Friday! Sending you and yours more love, more joy, more excitement then you can hope to contain!

Go for your dreams. Picture them. Write them out. Create vision boards!!! The world is your oyster!!

xoxoxo ❤


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