We are regularly given gifts from the universe (or God, the Creator, Divine Love…), that is a fact.  How and if we receive these gifts is a different story and that is up to every individual.

If you just open your eyes, you will begin to see all of the precious gifts the universe has given you and is giving you on a daily basis. These gifts can be as simple as a sun rise or as advanced as a new dream job.  It is amazing the profound beauty we can manifest in our lives!

I have written many times before about the interconnectedness of the universe, so when the WordPress topic of the week was emailed to me about the butterfly effect, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

So I will write. I will write something.

I am in the mist of many gifts, pure gifts from the universe. I have been feeling crazy busy, yet amazing.

This fall, I have spent less time than usual at home in New York City.  That is because I have been dancing all over the country! This is a dream, desire, goal I have had for several years now and I just realized it is just happening this fall!

Since September, I have performed in Medford (Oregon) Staten Island (New York) Winston-Salem (North Carolina) this week in Bryant (South Dakota) and this December in New York City (New York) and Grants Pass (Oregon).

Yes, I have been a bit crazy busy and at times I don’t feel like I have my head screwed on all the way. (haha)  But this fall has been amazing!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I am being lead to the fulfillment of all of my goals, dreams and plans.

I believe part of the reason for this is I have made the conscious choice to accept the gifts the universe hands me.  I am trusting myself, trusting the universe and just going with the flow.

By accepting a gift from the universe, you are opening yourself up to the universe and allowing even more gifts to start to flow into your life. Since everything and everyone is connected, one small change and opening yourself up to the possibility of connectiveness, creates infinite possibilities for yourself.

This connection allows for synchronicity to happen in your life. Synchronicity is that moment when wonderful things and opportunities just start occurring in your life.  It is that moment when all the pieces just fall into place.

And this is what is happening in my life this fall.  Even the things on my list of hopes, dreams and desires that I rather thought impossible or improbable but never stopped hoping for and imagining* are coming true.

I have had some serious freak out moments this week where I just cannot believe it can all possibility be true, but yet it is.  I really do think it is all true!  It is in these moments of seriously freaking out, I have to remind myself to stop, breathe and process.  I have even started using the affirmation, “I joyfully, freely and willingly accept all gifts from the universe with insane gratitude and abundance, feeling all of the grace and beauty of these gifts”.**

The beauty and amazingness of the universe is profound. I hope you allow yourself to accept some gifts from the universe this week. xoxo

* The act of visualizing clearly your dreams, making them come to life in your mind’s eye

** I like using adjectives in my affirmations, a simple “I accept all gifts from the universe” could maybe be all you need


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