One of the most beautiful and profound things about life is learning to stay true to yourself.

And, also, I have come to believe that you need to push yourself always and forever. Pushing yourself to continue growing, developing and evolving each and every moment and every single day for the rest of your life.

These two things are completely intertwined and relate completely to one another.  By deeply staying true to yourself you are better able to push yourself daily, moment to moment, in the direction your life is meant to go, in the direction your heart desires to go.  Pushing yourself and trusting yourself allows gifts, compliments, inspiration and creativity to flow your way.

Life becomes effortless.

Yet, at the same time, it may feel at times that soo much effort is involved to lead this now effortless life.

What do I mean? There is an example from my own life;

I am currently (today) committed to nine different health/transformation programs and am about to start two more.  These programs are opportunities that entered my life through family, friends, colleagues, the internet, or my email inbox.  You may ask if eleven health/transformation programs is too much for one person.   And sometimes, it feels like that is a true statement.

But, then I quiet my frantic mind and remind myself that all of these programs are my answers to the call to stay true to myself, becoming a better, brighter, more brilliant version of me each and every single day.  In every thing I do, in each and every one of these programs especially, I remind myself that the goal is to get what I need from them and not to stress over the details. I remind myself that the sole purpose of these programs, these training sessions, these exercises, is to grow myself, to push myself, staying completely and totally true to myself each and every step of the way.

This is the never-ending journey, voyage, and adventure of life that I am on, that we are all on together!

We are all supported every step of the way by our selves, the knowing power inside of us, the infinite knowledge of the universe, Divine Love, Grace, Beauty and Truth, the gentle hand of God, of the Creator, and by any and all Higher Powers which guide, hold and protect you always and forever.

Amen. (or….truly, verily, so be it, to be firm, confirmed, reliable, faithful, have faith, believe)



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