Sometimes the leaves will fall.

Sometimes the rain will pour.

Sometimes the snow will start.

Sometimes and sometimes.

Sometimes, your protective layers will fall away.

Sometimes, you will have to let go.

Sometimes, you will have to give into the resistance.

Sometimes, sometimes.

Sometimes, you will feel alone when surrounded by people.

Sometimes, you will start your day completely exhausted.

Sometimes, you will not want to go.

Sometimes and sometimes.

Sometimes amazing things will end.

Sometimes tears will pour freely from your eyes.

Sometimes, your emotions will just breathe out of you.


Sometimes the end will come too soon.

Sometimes the end will not come soon enough.

Sometimes the end is here.

Yes, sometimes.

Sometimes joy will pour out of you.

Sometimes love will be abundant.

Sometimes happiness will ooze out of every cell in your body.


Sometimes, your bank account will be full.

Sometimes, you won’t have a cent to your name.

Sometimes, you will receive help.

Sometimes, you will give help.

But no matter how good or how bad, sometimes is only that, sometimes.

Wishing you more of the good and the strength the bad will give you. xoxoxo


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