Intention, yes Intention. Intention is what is holding my focus and attention in this moment.

Stop and ask yourself: How can I have a crystal clear intention for everything I do, every action I make, every step I take, every word I speak?

Life is built around our intentions.  Do you plan to succeed? Do you plan to fail?

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” – Robert H. Schuller

Every moment is filled with intention, no matter if you mean it to be or not.  And, our intentions are linked to our thoughts.

Last week, I learned in a Franklin Method class that you have so, so many thoughts every single day and the majority are the same ones you had yesterday.  How crazy is that?! So crazy!!

You have between 60 and 80 thousand thoughts per day and about 95% of them are the same ones you had yesterday! – Franklin Method (R)

Knowing this, I find it imperative to question your thoughts, question your awareness, question your intentions, and question your words. Ask your self and ask others as well.

This reminds me of another Franklin Method saying, “Practice makes permanent.” You get good at what you do.

This is true for positive, beneficial things, physical activities, mental activities, spiritual activities, posture, alignment, embodiments and imagery.

Practicing Pilates makes you better at doing Pilates. Practicing yoga makes you better at doing yoga. Dancing makes you better at dancing. Standing makes you better at standing. Walking makes you better at walking. Thinking negative thoughts makes you better at thinking negatively. Thinking positive thoughts makes you better at thinking positively.  Practicing imagery makes you better at using imagery.

This can even be seen physically, the more time you spend slouched over, the better your body will be at slouching. Ligaments loosen, surrounding muscles strengthen and weaken according to what is needed in that position, bones change, adding new calcification to support this new alignment and then they become stuck that way!

The body is infinitely good at adjusting and changing and adapting. You just need to trust and listen to your body.  That is all.

Truly, when you start asking questions and becoming more aware, you must then be willing to listen and hear the answers.  Hear the infinite knowledge of the universe. Listen to what it tells you.

Then with this knowledge, you must TAKE ACTION.

1. Question. 2. Listen. 3. Take Action.

All three steps are needed for growth and evolution on this planet.  All three steps are needed for growth and development of your soul.

You must never stop learning and growing and developing because the moment that you do, you die.  Your soul dies, your will to live dies, your purpose on this Earth dies.  You die.

And also remember to never stop loving. 🙂 xoxoxo


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