Autumn is now HERE! My favorite season, yay. 🙂

The leaves will soon change color, temperatures will drop, coats and jackets will come out of closets, kids will return to school for a new, fresh year.

Right now though, I want to take a moment of your time to consider the possibility of EXPANDING YOUR HAPPINESS.

This is something I recently experienced on a large-scale.

I moved to a new apartment in New York City and I purchased new furniture.

My old apartment was just fine. Just fine was what I had told myself for a whole year.

It was just fine.

No need to change it.

Moving is hard.

Purchasing furniture is too expensive.

I cannot do it.

Then this summer my mindset started to shift.

I could hire movers…. That would make moving easier.

Furniture really isn’t that expensive, cheap, awesome furniture exists – IKEA!

Then things started to just happen all at once in my old apartment which made it abundantly and crystal clear I NEEDED to move. I couldn’t bear to be at my apartment and dreaded going “home”.

August 1st in a blind leap of faith I gave my 30 days notice on my old apartment and trusted myself and the universe to deliver my new apartment. And eight days later it did.

Of course, my move wasn’t without its incredible challenges, difficulties and doubts. But I overcame each and every one with a deep breath and simple reminder that I was worth it, my happiness was worth this.

So this fall I hope you find some way to expand your happiness.



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