I wrote the title of this post and then I … paused.

I took a breath and just felt the moment.

I paused the need for constant action and the urge to keep moving forward with my list of to-dos…

I paused writing this blog post for a couple of hours…

I paused for a couple of hours and trusted the words would still be there when I came back to write…


Franklin Method classes start with hitting the pause button. For one whole minute students are given the task of noticing and connecting to their bodies and their bodies only, not time traveling with mental chatter of to do listing, and other meaningless (and usually negative) thoughts that seem to invade our minds constantly. Students pause to connect with their bodies and how they feel in that moment. To truly connect to moment after moment.

The whole rest of the class builds from this one minute because if you don’t know where you are, it is impossible to go anywhere else or improve / heal / live more abundantly then you thought possible.

This one minute check in with yourself and your body and is a powerful tool for positive change.

To stop moving (mentally or physically) long enough to FEEL. It can be scary but it will be worth it.

Pause is an extremely hard thing for me, as a dancer and a relatively hyperactive person I prefer to constantly be in motion, always doing something.

This lesson of pause is a powerful (scary, perfect, and hard) thing for me. And the things that are hardest and we resist the most are often also the very things we need the most.

So please join me in a moment of pause (no matter if it is hard or easy for you)….

Then, see where you are on the other side of pause.

You might be surprised.


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