The things you notice, when you decide to do just that, notice!

New York City (in my opinion) is one of the best places to notice other people, because there are so many around, always! You are hard press to have a minute alone in NYC.

Walking down the street at 2am?  Yep, there is another person also walking down that same street.

Taking a run in the park?  Yep, you will see another person.

And, then of course – public transportation!

Taking the subway to work in the morning?  There are LOTS of people doing the exact same thing.

So many people in fact, the subway car is packed!

To me, these packed subway cars are one of the greatest times to notice. To notice this great abundance of humanity all just trying to get where they need to go.

As a dancer, I cannot help but see the dance, see the rather elaborate choreography happening on these subway cars.

Every time those subways doors open  – some people sitting, some people standing in the middle of the car, some people standing by the opposite doors – need to exit.

This is their stop.

And everyone else needs to adjust to let these people off. They must use a bit of improvisation to rearrange their bodies and bags in such as a way to let the exiting passengers leave the train.

And the dance doesn’t stop there!

Subway doors for illegal leaning on purposes

Once spots are vacated, those still on the train shuffle to rearrange themselves.  Some people sit in the now empty seats, others move to stand somewhere else – away from the doors letting in the cold (or heat!), by the other doors for illegal leaning on purposes, or by a pole to hold on.

And the new passengers entering the car are left with the least favorable subway car spots.

And so the dance continues.  With each stop there is a rearrangement of the passengers.

Of course, the dance isn’t limited to subway station stops.  Some of the most impressive dance moves are executed as the subway is moving.

A quick turn…,

a sudden stop…,

a sharp rock of the train….

and the passengers are improvising a very creative dance to keep themselves from falling, stepping on another’s foot or getting hit in the face by a pole.

exiting NYC subway

Then, with a quick, excuse me, sorry…. I exit, this is my stop.

Written in response to a Weekly Writing Challenge from the friendly folks at The Daily Post


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