Recently I was riding the subway and debating whether I should take this job that I really don’t want to take …..

then I looked up and saw this …….


Crazy timing, right?!

This felt like it had to be very powerful message sent to me by the universe to help with my decision-making process.

For the past couple years, one of my biggest desires has been to love my life (all of it) . And this certainly includes my job or what I do for money.

This might seem impossibility difficult given the fact that life is tough and there always seems to be hateful parts to it.  So how can a person love the hateful yet inevitable parts of life?!

I then learned another life lesson – life is what you make it.

So even though a task may be hateful or daunting, you can still love it and choose to enjoy it. Life is really a series of choices made in each and every moment…..

…….That moment when you are too tired to continue working and doing what you need to do – you can CHOOSE to see the joy and awesomeness of your body to continue despite your fatigue.

……That moment you are completely stressed out and have way too much to do – you can CHOOSE to take three deep breaths and dive into the madness.

…….That moment when you feel completely lost and unsure of everything – you can be INSPIRED by the quote “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”  (Martin Luther King)

……That moment on stage when you feel like your body cannot dance anymore – you can GIVE in and let the dance just flow out of you.

…….That moment when someone completely shatters your heart – you can PICK yourself up and DECIDE to love your life.

And suddenly one day you realize you are living a life filled with love, light, joy, inspiration, happiness and CHOICE.  You are living a life that is completely and truly YOU at its core.

With so much love, joy, hope and compassion, please let me know your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Life vs. your job

  1. I love the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote you chose. You are so right about choosing happiness and love. Sometimes it is hard to remember that they are a choice; but it is important to take the time to realize how much agency we actually have in our own lives. Nice post, Emily 🙂

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