When I first moved to NYC, I fell head over heels in love.  I loved the City with a starry-eyed infatuation type of love.  The City could do no wrong in my eyes.   This of course was a good thing given all the struggles I went through in my first year living here – I was tested and tried to the max!

But I still loved the city – everything was so new, exciting and brilliant. And there was so much opportunity here. So many auditions. So many dance classes. So many people. So many dancers, choreographers, teachers..  So, so very much opportunity.

Three years later I still love New York City but it is a different and I like to think more grounded love.  I am extremely thankful to NYC and the people here who have helped and befriended me along the way.

To celebrated my gratitude to the city I’ve listed (because everyone loves lists 🙂 ) 10 things I love about living in NYC.

  1. Sharing a nice, genuine smile with a complete stranger.
  2. When a kind gentleman or lady offers me their seat on the subway or I witness someone offering their seat to someone else.  No questions are asked, they just get up and offer their seat, and sometimes words aren’t even involved!
  3. When someone helps me or another person carry a heavy suitcase or baby stroller up a staircase, likewise sometimes no words are even exchanged.
  4. The people, the brilliant, beautiful, busy people.  Every single one different and unique with their own story to tell.
  5. I am totally fascinated by the vibrancy of this man-made creation – all the beautiful buildings, scoldings, streets, subway system….
  6. Connection. I love connecting with people, over the internet or in person. I think that is partly why I have this blog – to connect with a great number of people. Yes, sometimes connection is challenging but I continuously learn through experience that it is well worth the effort.
  7. Isolation in the mist of connection.  I love being able to be alone but surrounded by people. When I am outside of my apartment, riding the subways, walking around Manhattan I feel connected, yet still allowed to be alone.
  8. The subway system – you can get pretty much anywhere at pretty much any time of day and it only cost $2.50 no matter where you go and $112 for a month of unlimited rides!
  9. The challenge.
  10. The number of dance classes, activities, performances, etc available for my attendance every single day.

These are the things I LOVE about living in Manhattan and today’s post was written in response to The Weekly Challenge: Honey vs. Vinegar.  These ten things represent ten reasons I am grateful that I live in New York City.

There are so many things in life that we can be grateful for, that we can love, feel joy about… We can allow love, joy and abundance fill our lives.  It is in this place of love, joy and abundance that you will find a much better home than you could have ever dreamed.

Home is where you hang your hatPut your heart in it

I just LOVE counting my blessings and you, friend are one.  With so much love, joy and abundance. xoxo



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