At the beach in the Hamptons, Fall 2011

Two years ago on 11/11/11, my life completely and dramatically changed.

When I got on the subway that night to go home I discovered I was a completely different person than who I was when I left my apartment that morning.

I was much more connected to the UNIVERSE and all that exists.  I was connected and supported completely. I found that I could tap into this universal knowledge and understanding to make better, easier and more trusting decisions.

11/11/11 was really a cosmic shift for me, everything had a new clarity and perspective after that day. The world around me had become a much more vibrant place.

I realized I could do anything I set my mind to, all my biggest and most beautifull desires, dreams and goals.

Everything was within my reach!

I could indeed change the dance world and make it a happier and healthier place for dancers!

This is definitely my biggest (and scariest) dream to this day.  But I also know in my deepest heart that it is accomplishable and that I have the tools to do it (or at least as many tools as any one else).

  • I am trained as a Franklin Method educator, a method that has helped my own dancing be more healthful, and I see in Franklin Method workshops the power of the method helping people move more efficiently and with greater ease
  • I healed a terrible pain in my foot that had existed for years which no doctor or healer could figure out how to heal and even what was wrong
  • I now perform regularly in a professional ballet company, dancing classical ballet in pointe shoes with a fun and modern twist, under a director who promotes healthy, easy and natural movement in the choreography and dancing
  • I dance classical ballet in a way that continues to improve and evolve
  • I healed myself from a major ankle sprain using only alternative methods, my own awareness and my body’s ability to heal itself and never had to miss a performance or rehearsal
  • I truly have found so much more happiness, inspiration, joy and trust that I never realized existed before in every single moment of life. 

Thoughts? Feelings? Inspiration? Major life changes/challenges? I would LOVE to hear them, click below to reply.

After the snow in NYC


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