And there I stood at the subway station crying my eyes out.

Everything and nothing flooding over and through me. All of the experiences in my life flooded my soul. And I cried. I bawled my eyes out. I cried over each man who broke my heart. I cried over the hours of hopelessness moments wishing, just wishing for a boyfriend, longing for companionship, a man to share my life with. I cried over all the people who have ever told me that I am not good enough. I cried over the lonely, desperate moments. I cried over the pain, heartbreak and suffering my family and friends have had to endure. I cried. And I cried. Then I cried a bit more. I felt lonely and desperate and I didn’t know how life was even possible. Joy had no meaning to me. I couldn’t image ever eating again. I was past the point and limit of human existence.

Then as quickly as it had come, it was done. And I was hungry. So I got on the subway and went home. Life felt straight forward again. I was once again human. My life had meaning and purpose and I had to keep going. All was well and would be well. In fact it would be amazing, joyful and profoundly wonderful. Because after all, my life is amazing, joyful and profoundly wonderful. Yes, yes, YES!

I then turned my music up and I was with it. I was WITH the universe. I am battle born after all! (The Killer’s Battle Born)

All that is left is for me to breathe and process this outpouring of emotions.

I wrote this almost a month ago.  My emotions were so raw in that moment, it seemed like the perfect time to record the experience and insight into my vulnerable soul.

These sorts of outpourings do tend to periodically happen.  They leave me speechless and filled with so much wonder for the experience and the powerful emotions I am allowing to surface and pour out of me.

Better out then in, right?!

I have a strong connection to water and tears are my method of choice for letting out emotion. Oh yes, and breathing – deep soul filling and emptying breaths.

So on that note, I hope you cry, I hope you have some outlet for expressing the power and brilliance of emotions that develop inside us all.


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