It seems like one of our missions in life is to minimize the bad days, the bad moments and maximize the good days, the good moments.

Isn’t that what we all are searching for? Everyone is searching for happiness.  We all want to be happy. We just want to be happy.


“Are you alright?” “Yes, just taking it easy.”  “Your foot? This one?” “Yes.” “You can take it easy every now and again, it’s tough because it is jumps though and you love to jump.”
“Your next coffee is free”
“Thanks for lending me your socks” “No problem, it really worked out perfectly”
“You deserve a treat”
“We will start praying extra hard”
“Congrats, what college did you graduate from?”

In one day, the universe sent me all of these lovely comments, all from different people.  Different, amazing, beautiful people.


My childhood self wanted to be a writer and to publish really useful and fun books. In this past year of working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I have rediscovered this dream and am taking steps in the direction of becoming a published author.  Publishing this blog is one of those steps and just writing is another.  (So thank you all for being apart of that!)


My fridge currently holds the products of my latest shopping trip to my coop. Amazing food and groceries – two incredible bunches of collard greens, lots of dried coconut, incredible olives and the most amazing cucumbers.  Incredible abundance for sure!


(I LOVE this video)

Happiness has many different forms….

Sometimes happiness comes through connection with other people.  Humanity is capable of sharing such an abundance of love, compliments, support and pure goodness.

Sometimes happiness comes through pursuing your dreams. Maybe you create your dream job that you work at every day. Or maybe you pursue your passions in your free time.  Or maybe you just wake up every morning and create the life you have always dreamed of.  How much effort, how much passion do you put into your dreams?

Sometimes happiness comes through food. 🙂 Good, nourishing food can do brilliant things for your body.  By eating the very best things possible, you show love to your body.  And a loved body is a happy body.

Sometimes happiness comes through listening to a song.  Plus, maybe you will find some lyrics that really resonate with you.  I especially love the reminder in Snow Patrol’s ” This Isn’t Everything You Are” that this (whatever this is in this moment) isn’t everything you are.  And it is important to remember to not keel over, not stop, not be defeated, not fall over, not let this be the end of you.

Yep, finding happiness can be as simple as all of that, yet, challenging…  I believe the another important thing to mention about happiness is it’s an ebb and a flow. Some moments you just aren’t going to be radiating abundant happiness and joy. Some times you will get hurt, bad things will happen. Some times you will get mad, or sad or overwhelmed. Some days you will not be able to jump and leap.

But these four things I have found lead to happiness….

1. Connecting with other people and being receptive to them

2. Pursuing your dreams and never giving up on them

3. Nourishing your body with the best food

4. Listening to music

And always, always remembering that this isn’t everything you are, don’t keel over.

This post was written in response to The Daily Post: Mystery Ending


4 thoughts on “This isn’t everything you are.

  1. I am really glad that you wrote this! It is sometimes really hard to remember that the best ways to be happy are in doing those simple things that a lot of the time we end up forgetting. I struggle a bit with excising but I do know its going to make me happy and that’s why I do it! Thank you for this quick simple reminder!

    • Hi Nathan, Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. So glad to hear my post acted as a quick simple reminder for you! Exercising is so good and I agree doesn’t make you happier. Thanks for sharing. ❤

      • Life got me in the mindset to notice the little things. Life happened (as it does), the bad happened, and the good happened. I listened to this song over and over again and the lyrics started to speak to me and help me. It seemed only fair to share these insights I discovered. 🙂

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