Lately I have had the amazing realization more and more that I can do anything…

I can wake up at 4:30am and still function for the rest of my day, if I choose to

I can attend an audition, if I choose to go

I can decide to be tired or not, by a simple choice

I can make time to be with the special people in my life, with a simple choice

I can get all my work done, if I choose to

I can perform a step however I choose to perform that step

I can hold a balance, if I choose to hold that balance

I can go to that dance class, if I choose to go

I can confront the person that gave me a mean comment, if I choose to

So much is possible. So much simply depends on a choice, a simple action.  You truly need to just put one foot in front of the other to continue walking, continue moving, continue progressing, just continuing.  The end may not always (or ever!) be in sight.  But that is the beautiful thing about this amazing life we led, it’s a journey.  There are no ends, only beginnings.  And every single day, every single moment we have the opportunity to begin again and again and again.

Several months ago I had the startling realization on one of my walks around my neighborhood that

I just had to post this inspiration, this moment of clarity on my Facebook page!

So often we get caught up looking back at the journey that got us to where we are that we forget to live the present moment.  We forget the pure magnitude of life we have in front of us.  That our journey is only always beginning! 

The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now. –Bill Cosby

It is a blessing and a curse because sometimes we also forget about our past and recognizing our accomplishments and the great, tremulous things we have done and are doing! We forget to recognize our brilliance and thank the universe for its role in this greatness.

This is one reason I am so grateful that I know about human anatomy and the Franklin Method. Through learning about anatomy, you have the opportunity to see the brilliance and intelligence inherently in your body. In this “thing” you move around the Earth in.

Your femur has a natural spiral

Your pelvis has great mobility

Your organs are constantly doing their own unique “dance” inside of you

Your spine likes to move, that is how it get nourished

In fact, your body was make to move!

Your body’s brilliance shines through when you look at the smallest parts of your existence.  The electrons, neurons and protons that make up the atoms, which make up compounds, and then the organelles in your cells, then our cells, then the tissues, then, then, then.

And you are here.

You walk this earth.

And furthermore, you were built to walk this Earth, to live, to thrive, to grow, to develop, to understand, to heal.  Your body is amazing. Just look! Recognize your brilliance and thank your body.  Thank your Creator, the universe, the great energy, whatever you believe in.  Be thankful, live in abundance.  Live this way and see what comes.  See the growth, see the wonder, see the awesomeness.

But overall see, be, and live.




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