In conclusion, Balanchine created a new form of ballet called neoclassical ballet using his Russian classical ballet training and his desire to Americanize ballet using the elements of American culture and the individuals he worked with and loved most.  Mark Morris had an interesting observation when he told John Gruen (for an article Gruen wrote for Dance Magazine (September 1986)), “”When I finally saw the New York City Ballet performing I just about passed out.  What I learned from Balanchine is that you can do whatever you want”” (Cass 365).  In the end, throughout Balanchine’s career, he seemingly did whatever he wanted.  Balanchine choreographed what he wanted to in his own way, using the music he wanted.  He was a man with a strong sense of his desires who was able to interweave so many aspects of both his background in Russia and surroundings in America.


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  1. Your are such a good writer! I sent this post with 2 others of your last ones to Grandma Jensen with her Mothers Day gift. Have a wonderful day!! Much love, Mom

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