There are many times in life when you need to explore and (hopefully) discover your purpose. Having purpose vastly improves your clarity in and with life. And everyone wants clarity! I certainly do – clarity about my next steps, how to be the truest version of myself, find love…. And, most people I talk to also seek that clarity of purpose – how can I help the world, how do I support myself, be happy…

The hope of this post is to increase the clarity of this blog/website by explaining to you its purpose.

Given the web address (emilyanton.com) an important first question is: Who is this Emily Anton?!?!?

Emily Anton is ME, a professional ballet dancer in New York City who is curious about everything on my personal path to greatness – mind, body and spirit.

A couple of years ago, this curiosity made me realize that I am truly the only person who can “heal” my body, mind and spirit. Healthcare providers can help (and boy I’ve met some awesome ones!) but at the end of the day it is only me and my body. The human body is incredible and its ability to heal itself and be healthy, happy and vibrant is astounding.

Of course, this realization is both empowering as well as incredibly scary!

It means taking complete responsibility for your health and wellness.

The only way healing is going to happen is if your body does it!

When I took complete responsibility for my healing, my world transformed.  It was a life changing moment!  Amazing thing, after amazing thing has just started to happen

Disappearance of foot pain that no doctor or healer could “fix” that I had felt for years

-a relationship with an amazing man who I could only dream of before,

work with a ballet company beyond my wildest dreams of perfection,

-new profound connection to everything and one in the universe,

-an abundance of everything I needed,

-a new sense of knowing,

-ability to finish my college degree in the perfect and most fulfilling way,

-feeling strong, powerful and happy in my body,

-amazing, fulfilling, supportive relationships with my family,

-and the ability to dance and jump with enormous joy.

…… and things just continue to happen, daily!

Since starting my journey of knowing that I am the only person capable of healing myself, I have been tempted by the path of letting other people handle my health more times than I can count. … Remember those awesome healthcare practitioners I spoke of earlier?  Surprising enough they were my biggest temptations! It seemed like they could handle my health so well, especially in those moments where I was only hitting brick walls!

This is why the tag line of my whole website is “I’m not going to give you all the answers, just another perspective. Take and implement what you like and resonates with you and forget the rest.” 

I think this is the best and wisest advice anyone can give you, so it is definitely the advice I want to leave you with.


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