Recently, I find myself getting more and more particular about how I spend my time. I see how very precious it is. Some have said your time is the greatest gift you can give someone.  This also applies to the things you spend your time doing – tasks, to-dos, work, cooking, eating, traveling…. 

Your time is PRECIOUS.

I often find myself getting down on myself for not doing enough or being lazy.  But, these thoughts are simply not true, not real. I am not lazy and the amount I do is perfect.

That said, I have started to realize that I can positively affect time to influence the quality of what I do.

The most fulfilling things to do in life are the things that require the greatest investment of one’s truest self. The things that spark your fire inside, these things are unique and creative. It’s doing the work you were put on this earth to do – whatever form it takes.

Perhaps this work is healing others and there are many ways to meet this ends like….

….publishing a blog posts with little digestible thoughts about health and wellness,

….continuously studying about health and wellness and learning from others,

…living your life in the most healthful and continuously evolving way possible,

….teaching classes on ways to improve health and wellness,

….offering one-one-one sessions to help people to connect to the health and wellness of their bodies,

….living a creative life full of joy and inspiration and love.

Fostering and nurturing health and wellness in the bodies, minds and spirits of others.

How can I live the life that is most meaningful to me. How do I foster and nurture the truest vision of myself. What does that life look like?

I think I need to let it go…

And give in.

3 thoughts on “The great gift of TIME

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