There have been so many times this past year that I have felt like I’ve had a brand new pelvis.

As funny and as sexual it sounds it is so true. 🙂 haha I am learning that when you talk about the pelvis you just HAVE to roll with the humor involved!

Learning, experiencing and embodying all the movements that happen in my pelvis on a daily basis has been a powerful, enlightening, life-changing and SCARY process over this past year!

This evolution was really started almost exactly one year ago in the first week of year one Franklin Method teacher training.

The pelvis is soo extremely cool and has so many movements that completely change every single one of your daily movements – walking, sitting, standing, dancing, running, doing yoga…

I cannot really tell you the amount of pure JOY I get from imagining the movement of my pelvis, no what I am doing. It can seriously turn a horrible day to JOYFUL, BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL day! 😀

Why then if I get so much JOY from understanding my pelvis everyday did I wait until NOW to write a blog post about it?!?!!!!





<————- THAT'S WHY!!!!! 😀 My new pelvis model that just came in the mail.

I recently made a huge LEAP and brought myself a complete dis-articulated skeleton and pelvis model to facilitate the growth of my healing practice offering highly individualized sessions. Every one of my sessions is different and incredible!

Having a model of the pelvis helps give my clients a better understanding of their pelvis, how it moves, its shape and construction. (plus it is so cool and makes for a LOT of great, great jokes :D)

Well… haha that is all for THIS blog post, but don't worry I'll be back soon with MORE brilliant insights I've discovered!

Stayed tuned… Comment… Engage with me! I'd LOVE it and I promise I won't bite! 🙂

Wishing you freedom and creativity this day and always in your pelvis!

Much, much LOVE!

xo Emily


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