I am asking, and I am terrified.

I created my Indiegogo campaign 8 days ago.

8 days ago, I put my mission out to the world via the Internet and no less on Indiegogo to ask for funding….

Sure, I have shared my huge mission, epic dreams, big goals and tremendous desires with close family and friends.  Mostly though, I’ve kept it close to my chest, afraid to expose it and become completely vulnerable.

Now, the Hellerwork Structural Integration training is starting in less than a month. And, I don’t have all the funds.   I had the plan to create an Indiegogo campaign 3 months ago, and  I did the basic set up 2 months ago...   Then, finally, 2 weeks ago I took the leap, and started writing my story, 9 days ago I filmed my first “take” of the video now on my campaign page and 8 days ago I came home after ballet class and a coffee date with a close actor friend to film my video so I could publish my campaign.

One take, no script, all spoken from the heart with no editing.  The video is me, pure me, vulnerable me, exposed for the world to see.  Watching this video still gives me chills and makes me cry when I watch it.  Wow.

So, I did all the work.

Exposed myself.

Begin slowly, yet surely, doing the work to promote my campaign.

And radio silence.

No contributions.

I started to get nervous…. This might not work…. What if I failed?

Then yesterday, I got my first contribution, then another one, then another!

With each new contribution, I have cried tears of pure joy, feeling so much support and love from each and every one of these beautiful “backers”.  Each and every one is totally and completely amazing!!!  My heart overflows with so much gratitude, I am so very abundantly thankful!!!

So, now my campaign is 2% funded!! 😀

I find myself completely excited and nervous for this intensive 16 month-long training program.  I know it will transform my own life and work as a performing artist, allowing me to bring more beauty, more power, more grace to the stages I perform on and the audiences around the world.  The training program will also allow me to help many more performing artists have greater freedom, beauty and ease in their own careers through my holistic health care practice.  The performing arts can change the world if we embrace and support them, and that is exactly my plan ~ to change the world. 

In part in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Must Not Fail.”


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