~ Embodied Touch ~


I partner with your body to help YOU access, activate and connect to the brilliant health already inside of YOU.


Over the past five years, I have studied and developed my ability to help people connect to the infinite health already inside of them.  I’ve studied the Franklin Method, embodiment, imagery and anatomy with Eric Franklin, BodyTalk with Laura Hames Franklin and Karen Best, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology getting my BA in Dance and Movement Studies from Empire State College (SUNY), mentorship with Anne-Marie Duchêne of Art of Alignment and am engaged in the Hellerwork Structural Integration training.

I am vibrantly happy with my current holistic health care practice of offering one-on-one, personalized sessions to YOU.

Emily facilitating a session

What clients say about working with me:

“After injuring myself in a fall and while still in a great deal of pain from a badly sprained foot and lower leg, I sought out Emily and her healing touch and energy.  Without her help I’m sure now, one month later, I would still be unable to walk without crutches.  The traditional medical approach would have probably been to schedule me for surgery.  It is hard for me to express my gratitude to Emily in just a few words.  Emily, you are a gifted healer.  May God bless you!” ~Carole

“An attentive and attuned practitioner, Emily worked on my neck and shoulder area and not only decreased my pain level in an area of chronic injury, she almost immediately increased my range of motion! From one dancer to another, she has a wonderful understanding of maintenance, longevity and safe practices and is generous with each client, providing them with a personal assessment and customized care. She is wonderful!” ~Kimberly

$95 per session 

Please contact me with questions or if you would like to book a session:

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