Went to a dance performance last Friday. All the pieces seemed so morbid!

I remember when I saw Vienna Teng live in concert, one thing she said was how it is much easier to write sad songs than happy songs. The words and music for sad songs came easier to her.

I wonder if it is the same with choreographing dances….

This train of thought turns me to the Franklin Method (as everything in my life does anymore) 🙂 Something I’ve learned, that is so incredibly true (think about it for yourself!) is: Negative imagery is way easier and much more prevalent in our culture. It also elicits a stronger somatic response than positive imagery usually! Positive, good, dynamic imagery you have to practice.

“Learning imaging is akin to learning a language?” ~ Eric Franklin (via @FranklinMethod)

But! …. Back to choreographing dances…

The dance I choreographed for my composition class in college was rather bleak.. But, the dances I choreographed for church services always had their abundantly joyful moments as the songs were praise songs or had moments of BREAKING through the DARKNESS.

Pieces choreographed on me have been a mixture. I have a rather spunky cute demeanor so perhaps that is why I am able to dance cute, quick, fun pieces…

Also, I wonder if ballet is an easier genre to make happy pieces for. I’ve always felt like ballet was a joyful dance form. Most of the classics are generally joyful and happy with some melodrama underneath and sad moments. Many of the plots are bleak, with happy moments…
Sleeping Beauty (my favorite classic): Aurora has a spell casted on her that when she pricks her finger she goes to sleep. BUT is awakened my her true love’s kiss! And there is a happy wedding ceremony!
The Nutcracker (the ballet I’ve done the most): Clara has her favorite toy nutcracker broke this Nutcracker comes to life and battles a huge rat king. But she kills the rat king with her shoe and her nutcracker turns into a prince and they go on a magical journey and see lots of beautiful dances.

Interesting, but really I guess full-length ballets need happy as well as sad moments or else the evening would be one-dimensional and the audience would get bored…

Do you have any thoughts on this?! I’d LOVE to hear them! Post your comment below! 😀



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