My very first blog post and I have very exciting news to share….

I am officially a certified Franklin Method instructor! Yay!

Wow, I did it! I imagined graduating, believed I could become a certified Franklin Method educator, but when the moment of graduation came it was better than I could have ever imaged. Definitely my proudest accomplishment of my life!
This of course means that life for me has taken an exciting and new turn.

Feel like I’m on the tipping point of going over my waterfall of life.

Boulder Falls

Boulder Falls --- Image by Mr. T in DC via Flickr

Scary, but also super exciting. And I feel I have all the tools to succeed. A strong, sturdy boat, good paddles and the strength and courage to rise to and overcome any obstacles. And also, enjoy the ride!

So long, “til next post!

P.S. I’d LOVE comments šŸ™‚


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