Ballets with a Twist in the company’s signature show, Cocktail Hour: The Show. 2012-2017

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary (photo by Nico Malvaldi)


Absinthe (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

From Ballets with a Twist sparkles in New Jersey | Dance Informa (page 92-93):

“At Hamilton Stage, Emily Anton had plenty of opportunities to test her formidable range. In Absinthe, Anton swooped and swirled through the shadowy world of a faded 19th-century Parisian beauty. In Bloody Mary, she attacked the ferocious stepswith their improbable balances and severe épaulement. The costume Zehr created for the role had a cartridge-pleated, dark-red tutu and jewel-encrusted bodice that were as grand and unbending as the noble lady.

Anton was also the ingenue sweater-girl lead in Zombie, the full-company finale with its eerie music and fifties-meets-futuristic costumes. Retro fear-factor projections warned of nuclear attack and, post-apocalypse, showed bathing beauties plunging into swimming pools to glorious brass music. The ladies of the Zombie corps navigated this sci-fi universe wearing silvery pleated helmets that looked like mini Guggenheim Museums perched on their heads. The dancers appeared equally ready for an artsy cocktail party or disaster.

But then, aren’t we all nowadays?”  – Stephanie Woodard

From BWW Reviews: Ballets with a Twist, ‘Cocktail Hour’ is Delightful (page 85):

The other highlights of the evening included Shirley Temple, fun and flamboyant, danced by Emily Anton – Marina Kennedy

From the Mail Tribute and Daily Courier (pages 80-83)

Emily Anton is living a dancer’s dream right now. The former Stillpoint Dance Studio dancer who spent her middle and high school years in Ashland is now a member of the Ballets with a Twist company in New York City. -Edith Decker

TV interview: KOBI Interview — Five on 5

KOBI Interview --- Five on 5

Additional repertoire:

Mint Julep (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

Mint Julep (photo by Nico Malvaldi)

The Ride NYC, the Ballerina April 2016 – 2017

The Ballerina

Day-to-Day Dance’s Spring Recital, She Walks in Beauty, May 2018 (guest artist, lead character: Esperanza)











Northern California Ballet’s The Nutcracker December 2016 (guest artist, Sugar Plum Fairy) 


ChicoER article

Emily Anton and Roberto Lara The Nutcracker

Stillpoint Dance Studio’s The Nutcracker December 2014 (guest artist) 

As Soldier Girl in the Party Scene, photo by Jim Ingraham

As Soldier Girl in the Party Scene (photo by Jim Ingraham)

Winston-Salem Festival Ballet’s Dracula October 2014 and October 2016

Dracula Emily - vamps corps

Promoting show in costume in Winston-Salem, NC (photo by Gary Taylor)

By the end of the night promoting the show, we were really in character (photo by Gary Taylor)

By the end of the night promoting the show, we were really in character (photo by Gary Taylor)

Dance to Unite

Volunteer Guest Artist and Ballet Teacher

Dance to Unite photo

Dance to Unite









Website and Article: January 2016 | Compassion, Cooperation, Creativity | Dance Studio Life




Keigwin + Company 2011

My first performance in New York City and I even got my picture in the New York Times!!

Keigwin + Company and Works by Jamel Gaines – Review – NYTimes.com

Girl Walk // All Day  2011

My amazing friend (Anne Marsen) was the star of this project and I was lucky enough to be involved in a couple scenes and was included in the trailer.

Oakland Ballet Company 2009

Jewels of the Bay Oakland Ballet

The NutcrackerOakland Ballet

Peninsula Ballet Theatre 2009

The Nutcracker

Yes, I was the bull in the Spanish dance.

Yes, I was the bull in the Spanish dance.

ChinesePeninsula Ballet theatre


The Daily Journal:  A holiday must for dance lovers

Cornish Dance Theater 2008-2009




Classical variations I did in 2009 for my ballet school’s performance.

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