This week, this month, this moment in my life has been an extremely emotional, yet amazing, time for me.

As a clearing ritual to begin 2015, on January 1st, 2015 I burned a list of the things I was ready to let go of and on the opposite side I listed the miracles I am ready to receive from the universe. This is the second January 1st I have done such a beautiful ritual.

On the list of things I’m ready to let go if I listed every man, every boy I ever had a romantic love interest in. I let go of each and every one and released them all from my consciousness.

That is not to say that I’m not still sad, that I do not still cry over these beautiful could-have-beens. Any one of these love affairs could have been the beautiful relationship which I hold in my life for the rest of my existence on this planet to support, comfort, hold, challenge, and force me to grow and develop. The relationship I have been searching for, which will lead to a lasting commitment.

I’m done with love which does not grow. I’m done with love which only needs. I’m done with love which does not support. I’m done with love which does not commit. I’m done with love which makes excuses.

But I’m not done with love.

I love love. I bless everyone who surrounds me with love daily no matter if they are my family, friends or strangers on the subway.

I’m not done with love because what the world truly needs is more love, not less. In fact, it is my mission, my goal to love more.

So this Valentine’s Day weekend I’m sending you nothing but love.  Because I love you, I really truly do. I bless you with love in every single step you take in your life.



2 thoughts on “What I’m doing for Valentine’s Day – cleaning.

  1. Emily, this is all terrifically said. I wish you God speed on the journey to find your love. Today I reflect on my extreme good fortune to have found your mother. Amazingly she has stayed with me for over 30 years! Lastly, I believe you will find your love when you least expect or even want it.

    Love, Dad

    Happy Valentines’ Day, hope you got your gift.

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