The Brain that Changes ItselfThe Brain that Changes Itself is a completely brilliant book by Norman Doidge, which describes numerous stories of the neuroplasticity of the human brain. Included are various stories of personal triumphs and the science behind them; a functioning young woman with only half a brain, people recovering almost completely after massive strokes, and defeating the lost of brainpower in old age… The most interesting point to me was made by Norman in his notes at the end of the book, “someone…memorizing Homer’s Iliad, might blindfold himself to recruit operators” (547). This idea that we can temporarily manipulate our senses in way to most serve our task at hand or life style is fascinating to me. Doidge demonstrates in multiple ways that our human brains actively adapt the way we use our senses to accomplish tasks, to operate due to lack and function in our culture.


2 thoughts on “The Brain that Changes Itself

  1. Kimball and characteristics it has very interesting huh, I also know a few studies on it and its characteristics are expressed a very clear way. His appearance gives you the impression it is understandable.

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