I don’t have internet connection for the night.

Let’s get creative!

What work can I do? … Did that, now what?!

Make dinner, enjoy the sounds of silence. ….

Call parents, have an awesome discussion about life and college. …

Then, in a stroke of creative genius, I decide to write this blog post!


I realized today that I need more creativity in my life.

And voilà, life hands me an opportunity to get creative and to create.

Also, this weekend I realized that I want to become a published writer. And to do that, I need to WRITE!

So here goes nothing. And let the count down begin! (this is the first post of a series I introduced last week)


I prefer to flow through life. It’s the softest and easiest way.

Picture water flowing down a stream softly and easily…

Then oh no! there’s a rock!!!!

Does the water get up and jump and splash around like crazy?!?! Nooooo….

Then what does it do?

The water gently navigates around the rock with the greatest of ease and continues flowing as if it had never been interrupted. Furthermore, the water is consistent and continues, minute after minute, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, to flow around this rock until one day the rock is gone. Either the rock erodes away or just moves, the river bed holding it is loosen and the rock simply rolls away.

Truly, the length and number of times the water effortlessly flowed around this rock caused this rock obstacle to just go away!

Of course, the really interesting part about my creative process of flow tonight is that the internet started working in the middle of writing this post…


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