Laura Hames Franklin I can easily say has changed my life many times over already.




From the moment I met her, change, change, change… Change leading to direction, focus, growth and finding my true self and finding myself in others…

Me in Grand Central Station June 2010



I met Laura last summer while I was in New York City attending the American Ballet Theatre’s summer intensive. A friend told me I should contact Laura Hames Franklin to get a BodyTalk session. I tried and after several missed attempts found out my only chance was an Introduction to BodyTalk and Franklin Method class she was teaching that night in Brooklyn.  So after class that day I hopped on a subway to go somewhere I’d never been, to experience something I’d never experienced, all by myself.  This was a wild leap of faith that was quite unlike me. [BodyTalk is a healthcare system that helps put a person’s body back in balance to heal, grow and become even more healthful.]  I had a brief BodyTalk session that night and a brief introduction to the Franklin Method as well. After the workshop finished Laura asked me if I could stay a bit longer and she show me some more Franklin Method work.  She told me two things that night – to get one of Eric Franklin’s books and that I should become a Franklin Method teacher because my body took to the method well.

I left her apartment that night completely changed.

After going back to the west coast (where I lived) I soon felt a strong desire to move to New York City and have more BodyTalk sessions.

Barnes & Noble's flagship store at 105 Fifth A...

A Barnes & Noble in Manhattan

Following (almost blindly) Laura’s advice I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased one of Eric Franklin’s books, Conditioning for Dancers. I also kept Laura Hames Franklin in the back of my mind. One night in a definite low point I emailed Laura to schedule a distance BodyTalk session with her. That session lead to several more phone conversations. One of which (actually occurred on my birthday) announced the fact that I had bought my plane ticket to New York City (an act I did against my parents’ wishes) and I would be in the city at the end of January.  She then told me again to register for the level 1 Franklin Method teacher training in Boulder, Colorado. This registration happened a month later because despite my complete lack of funds (I was moving to New York City with not a whole lot of money in my bank account) Laura found a way for me to do workstudy to pay for my training.

NYC after I moved – January 2011

Two days after I got into New York Laura invited me over to her house, a place I have since then spent many, many, many hours. She graciously welcomed me into her life.

I have gotten many BodyTalk sessions from her in the past year. Each session and each time I spend time with her seems to change my life and perspective a little, little bit more.

Laura Hames Franklin is a large part of the reason I am the person I am today.


2 thoughts on “Story…

  1. Hi Emily

    WOw, it was such a pleasure and delight to read this incredible expression of this part of your life and transformation! And I am so honored to be such an integral part of it!

    When I reached the end of this piece, the first thing I said was “What happened next!?” It totally took to me the inner delights of your vision, and I want to know what comes after…

    SO, please do write the next episode 🙂

    I am so happy to be sharing these insights and incredible tools with you, and it is wonderful to take dance class and share imagery and the most incredible experiences with you… and to watch you grow, and change and become more of you!

    I’m excited to read the next installments!

    With love and gratitude
    Laura xoxo

    • Thank you so much Laura! I greatly appreciate your comment! It certainly means a LOT to me!

      I definitely will write the next installment! Though at this point I don’t know when exactly that will happen…

      I already have my next post half written I just need to add a few more bits! (It’s inspired by Saturday’s discussion!) So stay tuned for my tweets and posts!!

      Much love and thankfulness,

      Emily xoxo

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