Awesome day!

Morning: Did Franklin BandMoves in my room as well as Franklin crunches and attempted once again to embody my psoas.

Then, I spent part of my day walking the streets of Manhattan.

Introducing my left foot

I find a strange type of peace walking in the city.

There is isolation yet a sense of community, independence yet dependence within the masses of people walking the sidewalks of NYC.

What I get from roaming the city seems similar to what some people get from being out in nature.

The ability to reconnect to themselves.

And my right foot!

This is probably one of the reasons I moved to New York City (among many, many, many reasons 🙂 )

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE nature and am constantly amazed by God’s creation.  But I think our man-made creation is pretty cool!

I like people too. Like being around them and feeling their energy.  And absolutely LOVE connections!!!

Also, I have fun walking with Franklin Method imagery.  Since the last week of the Franklin Method teacher training my favorite image for walking (which I now realize, was me misunderstanding an image Eric gave, haha) is my foot as the log on the ride “Splash Mountain” in Disneyland. At the end of the ride, all this water splashes up all around the log that you are riding in! With every step you take water is splashing up all around your foot! 🙂

I loved this ride at Disneyland, it had exactly the right about of excitement and scariness! Also I went on it with many wonderful people.  That is exactly why this image works so well for me, I am connected to it on so many levels – emotional, all the senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, touch, gustatory, olfactory)…  The image is dynamic!  That is the benefit of personal imagery!

As Eric Franklin says,”Personal imagery is the most powerful imagery” — one of his tweets @FranklinMethod

What’s your favorite image for walking?


I also danced in the HUGE Starbucks in Times Square, t’was fun! 🙂

And GO! That's the one way!


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