Rather crazy week since I got from Boulder where I graduated the first year Franklin Method teacher training. Scattered brained and busy.

Still living the “pink life” working at Pinkberry and dancing with Pinkpig Ballet.

My roof!

My scatter brain-ness got me lock out of my apartment the other day!

So I had the rare opportunity of investigating my roof in the rain.

Rather reminds me of the roof in the Disney movie, Mary Poppins – Chim Chim Cher-ee … 🙂 love.

Another view of my roof!

I really love my apartment so much!


3 thoughts on “My “pink life” and scatter brain-ness!! :)

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  2. quite interesting when you talk about your roof, I have never once looked comfortable once their technological proxies at home. original image you posted, very funny and looks funny.

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